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Controller For Video Wall

ImagePath RealView and Blitz Series provide highly reliability for 24x7 operation and flexible solutions for any application such as Network Operation Centers (NOC), Public Utility Control Centers, Intelligent Traffic Management Centers, Process Control, Civil and Military Surveillance Systems, Call Centers, Financial Management Control Rooms, Boardrooms, and Video Conference Rooms.

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Interactive Collaboration Tool

Instantly view and present your files directly from the front panel ImagePath ICT: Display Office files, eg MS. PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Pdf, as well as most photo and video file formats, easy annotate on files with digital pens, highlighters, and shapes,save and share annotated files just after a meeting.

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Control Room / Monitoring Room

ImagePath provides the latest technology for control room total solutions. We believe that our solutions can bring your control room to the next level. ImagePath RealView and Blitz will enable you to manage your control room at ease. With ultrathin bezel ImagePath Infinite Video Wall will fulfill your dream to build a better remarkable control room system.

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Seminar & Training Room

ImagePath total solution enabling people to do more collaborative conference such as in seminar and training. ImagePath Interactive Collaboration Tool will enhance your conference (seminar and training) to be more interactive. Imagine when people can share their presentation at ease and annotate on it without any boundaries, ImagePath Interactive Collaboration Tool is the answer that you are looking for.

Digital Signage

Marketing trends in this era is more directed to digital way. ImagePath M-Series is the best solution to deliver your informations, also use as long-term investment for your business, so you don't need to spend more money. There are major benefits for digital signs over traditional static signs, including the ability to update content remotely over the web, adapt the screens to your viewers and even interact with your local audience.

Meeting Room

Meeting room nowadays still focus on the old traditional meeting tools such as a projector, conventional display, whiteboard / flipchart, and an external speaker. The old traditional meeting room has a complex cabling which is not convenient for doing a meeting session. ImagePath Interactive Collaboration Tool is the one-bundle-total solution for your meeting room. ImagePath Interactive Collaboration Tool enabling people to do annotation on the top of the presented presentation. You can also save and share your presentation with just one-click-away using ImagePath ICT. Supported with built-in-audio-speaker and 4K display resolutions will enhance your traditional meeting room to become an attractive meeting room without any complex cabling and conventional tools.

Video Conference Room

Instantly bring people from anywhere in the world visually to collaborate and share without any boundaries. Imagepath Interactive Collaboration Tool is the best video conference terminal with 4K resolution screen and integrated with built-in-audio-speaker and comply with any HD / PTZ video camera which suitable and compatible with world leading video conference brands, such as: Cisco, Polycom, Avaya, Skype fo Business, Pexip, Zoom, Vidyo and many more.

Show Room

ImagePath M-Series is useful as single display to beautify and deliver informations in your show room. Furthermore we have ImagePath Infinite Video Wall which can be configured to show big image and enhance your customer experience.

Touch Screen

ImagePath M-Series (TouchView and DigitalView T Series) can be applied to interactive building directories in corporate lobbies, malls, and point-of-purchase displays as a means of distributing relevant information. Choosing the right digital display and digital signage software application is crucial in deploying the right solution for your interactive touch screen. Touch screens are excellent tools, giving customers and patrons the ability to control display content that is relevant to them. Schedule your touch screen content for playback on interactive maps, POS systems, touch screen digital menu boards or even interactive displays in a corporate lobbies.


ImagePath Infinite available in 49” and 55" LCD Video Wall in auditorium. ImagePath Infinite can be tranformed into multi display (max. 10x10), can be enabled as multi-site collaboration and video-conferencing in high definition. ImagePath Infinite Video Wall with super narrow bezel offering a visualize inputs on the real time basis and making the conferences more convenient.

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