Product Description

ImagePath RV-N Processor will receive a combination of input sources via LAN / Internet and direct input: HDMI, DV-I, Video, 4K. ImagePath RV-N is based on the latest technology, RV-N consists of three main modules: RV-N Processor, RV-N Transmitter (RV-T) and RV-N (RV-R) Receiver. The RV-N processor has an input and output card slot that can be flexibly configured, depending on the number of outputs and inputs. The RV-N processor connected to the video wall display and the sources can be displayed freely by sizing, cropping, moving, save and re-call the layouts. RV-T is module that encodes HDMI inputs to RV-N systems via LAN / Internet. Each RV-T has two HDMI input channels that will be encoded simultaneously. RV-R is module of RV-N system, to displaying input sources connected via LAN / Internet which is encoded by RV-T or other H-264 standard coding devices. RV-R has one HDMI output that can be connected to a single screen or video wall. The ImagePath RV-N video wall management is running by Control Unit and / or iPad. Daily operation will be easy and user friendly to manage all the display function: to move, sizing, cropping, save and re-call the layouts.